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Black Falcon Drone Reviews Canada People should carefully study the user handbook before flying the Falcon Drone to learn more about how it operates and what it comes with. The manuals are simple to read and understand, so users will feel confident and prepared to fly.

Drones don’t always have to be so big or complicated. There is a little drone with several characteristics that can be folded. Meet the brand-new Falcon drone, one of the most advanced folding quadcopters on the market. This drone includes a 120° wide-angle camera that allows users to see a broad area from above. Here’s how individuals can bring a drone with them wherever they go, from a selfie to a tour:

This review will go over its design, features, camera, performance, and a few other key points. This review is intended to assist shoppers in making an informed decision.

The Falcon Drone is a technical and design marvel. It was designed to accompany people wherever their adventures led them.

Controlling the Falcon Drone

People should carefully study the user handbook before flying the Falcon Drone to learn more about how it operates and what it comes with. The manuals are simple to read and understand, so users will feel confident and prepared to fly.

The drone already has propeller protection built in. These make the drone much more durable and protect it from damage.

If more experienced pilots are comfortable flying, they can remove the propeller guards. It’s also not difficult. They simply gently remove the guards from the four latches located next to each propeller.


The Falcon drone is composed of tough ABS plastic that is sturdy and durable. Its motor arms can also be folded up to help protect the internal components. It is strongly advised that people who have never flown before and are just getting started put the guards on first. Because they are very likely to crash the drone the first few times they try to fly it.

Simply doing so will prevent the drones’ propellers from breaking off. The Falcon drone has a modular battery that allows it to fly for around 11 minutes. This drone also includes robust landing legs that allow for a comfortable landing.

Design and construction quality

Buyers should receive a drone, two batteries, one remote controller, a set of propellers and propeller guards, a phone mount holder, a screwdriver, a USB charger, and a user manual when they order the drone. On the other hand, I felt the extra battery was a good touch because it doubles your flight time. Unquestionably an excellent deal to take advantage of!

The Falcon Drone Comes With:

  • 1 x Completely Assembled Drone
  • 2 lithium-ion batteries
  • 1 charger cable
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 Spare Parts Kit
  • 1 x Phone Holder
  • 1 transceiver


The Falcon drone is composed of tough ABS plastic that is sturdy and durable. Its motor arms can also be folded up to help protect the internal components.

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This quadcopter folds up and is both light and robust enough to withstand a beating. Not only that, but it also features a speed mode that allows beginners to learn how to fly in a gentle and gradual manner. The high propulsion force provides enough power for the drone to fly outside.

The drone not only performs properly, but it can also perform some spectacular acrobatics in the air, such as 360-degree maneuvers. It also includes an SD card slot for storing all of your images and videos. There are at least three ways to control the Falcon drone. The first method is to use a remote controller, which may be used from up to 100 meters away.

Second, people may control the drone with virtual sticks on their phones. They can make things considerably easier by activating a G-Sensor, which will control the drone based on how the phone is angled. The updated 6-axis gyroscope included in the drone stabilizes it and makes it simple to control, especially for beginners.

Interesting Features

Don’t forget about the Falcon drone’s many amazing features. For a little folding camera drone, the Falcon has a lot of tricks. It can stream footage to a person’s phone or tablet in real time, allowing them to fly around in a mode called “First Person View,” which makes flying considerably more enjoyable. The Falcon Drone also offers features that make it simple to use for beginners, such as a “headless mode” and an “altitude hold mode.”

For those who are unaware of what “headless mode” means. Essentially, it shifts control of the drone from the drone to the remote control. When the movement lever is moved up, the drone will move forward in whatever direction it is traveling. This makes flying much easier than it was previously. This drone can also perform 360-degree flips in four different directions.

This drone is ideal for beginners and children because it includes a speed mode that makes learning to fly easier and more enjoyable. Because the drone has a smooth and steady learning curve, it will default to the slowest speed. Once people have mastered the art of flying a drone, they can increase the speed mode to challenge themselves and become pro pilots.

Falcon Drone Specifications

  • Drone that folds up

Because the blades can be folded and bent, they are compact, light, and portable. It doesn’t take up much space, weighs little, and can be kept practically anywhere.

  • Photos and videos in 4K resolution

Users may capture 4K video at 120 frames per second and take photographs with resolutions up to 12 megapixels.

  • More time spent flying

Users with a larger battery can record up to 15 minutes of video before needing to charge it again.

  • The gravity switch

Even people who have never flown before can film and fly like pros right away thanks to electronic image stabilization and the ability to maintain altitude.

  • Slow Motion Mode

This is a game-changing tool that allows users to capture footage of moving objects, opening up a whole new universe of possibilities for their recordings. The video appears great when slowed down.

  • Panorama Setting

With a range of more than 3,000 feet, the Falcon Drone can shoot beautiful panoramic photos from previously unseen perspectives and vantage points.

  • Fast

The Falcon Drone is the fastest drone in its class. It can fly at speeds of up to 19 meters per second and has a maximum transmission range of 4 kilometers.

  • Simple to use

The Falcon Drone has all of the functionality that specialists require, but it is so simple to fly and manage that even those who have never flown a drone before can do it.

  • Shoot like a Professional

With the Falcon Drone’s built-in camera, even those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy may capture professional-quality footage with the press of a button.

  • Optimized Video and Still Capture
  • Creating a memory

Make a note of the next journey.

The Falcon Drone includes an in-built camera that allows users to capture their adventures and replay them from a bird’s-eye view!

Professional photographers create images that appear to be from a movie.

This drone includes 4K slow motion and panoramic video, making it the best drone for professional photography and video quality at this budget.


Security and safety

Surveillance from Above The Falcon drone is useful for a variety of purposes, including safety and security. It can act as a third eye in the sky, keeping buildings and major venues safe and assisting search and rescue personnel in their efforts to save lives. It’s a low-cost method of making things safer and more secure without adding more employees to the payroll.



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What exactly is included?

  • 2 Falcon Drones with Dual Cameras
  • 2 transceivers/controllers
  • 2: Drone Rechargeable Batteries
  • 2 charging cords
  • Two manuals
  • Price: $149.00
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What exactly is included?

  • 4 Falcon Drones with Dual Cameras
  • 4 transceivers/controllers
  • 4: Drone Rechargeable Batteries
  • 4 charging cords
  • 4 User Guides
  • Price:$241.00


  1. Maintaining Altitude
  2. 4K video camera
  3. Flight Trajectory
  4. Video
  5. Increased battery life

The Decision

To summarize, the Falcon Drone is unquestionably one of the best foldable camera drones. It is compact, sturdy, and distinct from other drones due to its one-of-a-kind design. It is a significant advancement over previous drones, which were all about making people’s lives easier. The drone also has an HD camera integrated into it that transfers high-quality photographs and videos directly to the user’s phone.




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