FuzeBug Reviews – Canada (2023 Updated) Does It Work? Consumer Reports!

FuzeBug Reviews

Most people enjoy changing seasons; winter is all chilly and cozy, pushing people to stay indoors while summer is the time when being in the sun is everything. Blooming flowers, warm sun rays, beachside vacations, and exploring the mountains sounds fun, but all of this comes with one small problem- insects. Interestingly, summer is not only favorable for humans but also for animals, mainly insects which is why you see plenty of them around you when the weather is hot.

As much as humans enjoy being in the sun, bugs, mosquitoes, moths, and other insects also like it, but the problem is them attacking humans, exposing them to a number of insect-borne diseases, some of which could be deadly.

Bug bites are common in summer, and most of the time, they are harmless. But there is practically no way to save yourself from a harmful bug that is possibly carrying a pathogen, injecting it into your body, and triggering a series of symptoms that may even lead you to a hospital bed. Picnics, beach, trekking, camping, and pool parties sound fun, but there is no fun in laying in your bed all summer after being diagnosed with an insect-caused infection, i.e., malaria, dengue, etc. so does this mean you shouldn’t go out and stay inside for the whole summer?

The Fuze Bug is a small, portable bulb that claims to attract and zap insects.

Price: $39.99

Conflicting claims

Some of the claims made in Fuze Bug advertisements are contradictory. On its website, FuzeBug, for example, claims to provide “only natural products and UV-free lighting.”

We discovered this claim in another section: “FuzeBug pinpoints the exact UV frequency that’s irresistible to mosquitoes, luring them away from viewing you as a meal and into the low-voltage mesh that instantly eliminates them.”

According to Chris Fredregill, Director of Mosquito and Vector Control for Harris County Public Health, employing UV light to attract mosquitoes also attracts and kills beneficial insects such as moths and butterflies.

“There are some other products that claim to repel insects just with pure light,” he stated. “And there have been numerous studies on that.” Their effectiveness is not always established, so we always recommend using an EPA-approved insect repellent.”

The manufacturer states on the same page, “Packing enough power to protect a 375 sq. ft. radius.” A few inches below that line is written “350 SqFt Protection.”

How does it work?

The Fuze Bug charges via USB connection and claims to provide 20 hours of protection on a single charge. We charged it for several hours, but when we turned it on later that evening, it was dead.

We were able to use it by connecting it to a portable battery. While we could see some bugs flying towards the light and being zapped, it was clear that it was more than just mosquitoes, validating Fredregill’s thesis about beneficial insects.

While the website and advertisements make numerous claims, there is no evidence that the Fuze Bug Lamp is anything more than an LED light on one end with a UV light to attract insects and an electric grill to zap them, all powered by a battery pack or whatever you connect to the USB cord.

The same item is available for $15.

On the company’s website, we ordered the Fuze Bug for $39.99, which is 50% off the original price. There was no Fuze Bug branding or marks on the product or the package when it came. The label reads “Mosquito Killer.”

On the Wish app, we discovered what appears to be an identical device named a “Camping Lantern Mosquito Killer” for only $15.

“I personally would save my money,” Fredregill remarked. “I would stick with something that has been vetted by a reputable agency like the EPA.” You can also find useful information on the American Mosquito Control Association’s website.”

Fuze Bug’s reaction

We emailed and called the marketing agency in charge of the Facebook advertisements, and all of the paid ads were designed to appear as unbiased evaluations, but no one responded. We received the following response roughly 24 hours after sending a message to customer care on the Fuze Bug website:

“We’re sorry to hear you had a negative experience with the Fuzebug. That particular item must be defective. Did you have the same experience with all three or just one of the units you purchased? If there is only one, we can replace it. We endeavour to provide the highest quality products to our clients, and we will forward any feedback to the appropriate department, which will investigate whether the Fuzebug product meets the criteria.

We apologize for the inconvenience and would like to offer you a 75% refund on the order, with the option to keep the products. With your approval, we can promptly reimburse $80.98, which will appear on your statement within three to five business days. What do you think? Here is some information that may be of assistance to you: The LED strobe light and ultraviolet lantern illumination, which attract the bugs, make the Fuze Bug more potent than your regular bug repellant lamp. You must activate the mosquito killer for it to work.

To use it, follow these steps: You must first engage one of the five settings, then lift up the hanger (just a tiny tug), and finally turn on the mosquito bulb. Please keep in mind that not all modes have the torch turned on. It has a rechargeable and long-lasting battery life of up to 20 hours, which is why I believe the one you have is defective. Try charging the battery for longer periods of time before using it, and let us know how it goes. Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have.”

FuzeBug Refund Policy

All orders of Fuze Bug are backed up with a 30-day return offer. Under this policy, you can choose to return the product and get your money back if you are not happy with its working. It shows the company’s confidence and trust in its product that it is ready to experience a loss in customer satisfaction.

The refund policy is applicable for orders placed through the company directly. If you have purchased FuzeBug from other sources than the official website, the company will not cater to your demand, and your refund request will be immediately rejected.

The company has an active customer care line that can be contacted through mail and phone. Provide them with your order details and give them some time to check and verify their records. Once your order details are confirmed, the refund process will immediately proceed.

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