Mega Magnaboom

Mega Magnaboom : Reviews 2022 For Best Sound & Wireless Speaker!

Mega Magnaboom : Reviews 2022 For Best Sound & Wireless Speaker!

Mega MagnaBoom is a compact yet powerful Bluetooth speaker that works well with Bluetooth-enabled devices including smart TVs, smartphones, and tablets. Despite its compact size, the speaker delivers crisp and rich sound quality, as well as reliable Bluetooth connectivity. This portable Bluetooth speaker enhances and supports your music and video-watching experiences. MagnaBoom makes the sound in your favourite movies crisp, clear, and loud enough that you no longer have to battle to hear them.

Mega Magnaboom

What exactly is MagnaBoom?

Mega MagnaBoom is a magnetic Bluetooth speaker that delivers high-quality sound wherever you are. These speakers, which have a magnetic base, can mounted on any surface, metal or not. These speakers, which have the ability to connect two or more devices at the same time, can work for either of the connected devices or several devices at the same time. They work with cellphones, smart TVs, and tablets. They are tiny and portable, eliminating the effort of untangling a tangle of cables.

With such fantastic capabilities, these speakers are reasonably priced, and savings are available when purchasing numerous speakers.

What distinguishes a Mega Magnaboom Speaker from other Bluetooth speakers?

There are numerous factors that contribute to the Mega Magnaboom Speaker’s popularity as the best Bluetooth speaker available. It’s water proof and boasts the best sound quality of any bluetooth speaker on the market today. See what makes the Mega Magnaboom Speaker unique below.

  1. Rechargeable:- With an 1800mAh battery capacity, you may listen to your Mega Magnaboom Speaker all day without stress. Its built-in rechargeable battery provides a total of 6 hours of cool streaming and partying.
  2. High sensitivity microphone:- When a call comes in, you don’t have to end the call or detach your phone from the gadget because it has a high sensitivity microphone. You can easily receive phone calls.
  3. Waterproof:- Because the Mega Magnaboom Speaker is IP6 certified waterproof, you don’t have to worry about water harming your portable speaker. You can take it to the beach or pools without fear of anything happening.
  4. Sound that is loud and clear:- Mega Magnaboom Speaker, made of the most advanced sound and speaker technology, provides rich bass, superb stereo, and improves the clarity of alto and highs.
  5. Wide Range Coverage:- The Mega Magnaboom Speaker has such a wide coverage that no one will ever miss the strains of your favourite songs, no matter where they are at the party. The speaker has a range of 15 metres without a pause in transmission or a frequency bridge.
  6. Portable and compact:- The Mega Magnaboom Speaker is both portable and compact. Because it is compact, you can take it anywhere you want. It is your ideal travel and vacation companion.
  7. Stunning Design:- The Mega Magnaboom Speaker has a lovely design. You can use it to decorate your home as an ornament. Simply place it wherever you choose, both indoors and outdoors, without fear of water damage.
  8. Made for easy usage:-

    Mega Magnaboom Speaker is designed to be simple to operate. It comes with a user handbook and is really simple to operate. Even inexperienced users will find it simple to use. There are no difficult settings.

Mega Magnaboom Bluetooth Speaker Specifications:

  • Battery capacity is 1800mAH. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge and has a battery life of roughly 22 hours. Li-polymer batteries are used.
  • Waterproof to IPX7 standards. Water-splattered spills has little effect. Can be submerged for 30 minutes in meter-deep water.
  • Version 5.0 of Bluetooth technology
  • Bluetooth range: 55 feet
  • Micro-USB Charger Type C
  • Auxiliary cables
  • Full TWS dual wireless stereo audio power
  • -42dB microphone sensitivity
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz

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Advantages of Mega Magnaboom:

  1. Simple Control:- It simply has three controls: the power button, the volume button (+), and the mute button (-). This demonstrates the device’s ease of use.
  2. 360-degree speakers:- 360-degree sound output simply means that people can listen to their music from various perspectives.
  3. Bluetooth 5.1 Technology:- Mega Magnaboom employs an enhanced version of the well-known Bluetooth 5.0 standard. This technique is said to more than 200% faster than the previous version.
  4. Mini subwoofer:- The inbuilt mini subwoofer purportedly increases one’s music-listening experience by offering a maximum “amount of oomph”.
  5. Long Battery Life:- With an 1800mAH Li-ion battery, the Mega Magnaboom Bluetooth speaker can play music continuously for up to 6 hours.

The Mega MagnaBoom Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent choice for:

Water and stress resistance

Mega Magnaboom has an IPX7 rating. This indicates that the device is splash-resistant. As a result, regardless of the weather, you may use this speaker both indoors and outside. The reinforced waterproof barrier keeps perspiration and light rain out.

You don’t have to be concerned about this device while using it on the beach because it is completely waterproof. People tend to become drunk and behave out at parties.

Fitness Fanatics

We’re convinced that our Mega MagnaBoom Bluetooth Speaker will improve your music experience, whether you play sports, go to the gym, or are just a music enthusiast in general.

Working professionals and businesses

Many people work in offices or in business environments. However, this should not prevent you from enjoying amazing music. With this tiny Bluetooth speaker, you can now enjoy yourself at the office at all times! This Bluetooth speaker is also great for phone calls. Connect it to your Android or Apple device and sync it.


Keeping a house and doing chores is exhausting. You can’t even carry your phone. With the Mega MagnaBoom, you may listen to music or make or receive phone calls while doing your housekeeping.


Because of its sweat-resistant features and long battery life, the Mega MagnaBoom speaker is ideal for all outdoor activities. This tablet’s robust battery, which lasts for nearly a week, is a unique feature. Unlike certain tablets, which require you to charge them on a regular basis, you are not required to do so.

Mega Magnaboom


Many nice Bluetooth speakers are available on the market, however they are pricey. While this problem affects people from various socioeconomic levels, it is primarily felt by young professionals and students who do not earn enough. Mega MagnaBoom tackles this problem by offering a low-cost, feature-rich Bluetooth speaker.

Excellent Audio Quality

If Bluetooth speakers have previously disappointed you, don’t give up on them before giving the MagnaBoom Bluetooth speaker a try. This Bluetooth speaker was created with your need for high-quality, clear surround sound in mind. The speaker produces a powerful, bass-rich sound that is great for phone calls, music, and movies.

Battery that charges quickly and lasts a long time

The MagnaBoom Bluetooth speaker  powered by a strong and dependable built-in battery. The battery employs the most sophisticated and efficient cells, which charge in less time but store the juice for a longer amount of time. In 112 hours, you may recharge your MagnaBoom speaker. The juice will provide you with an astonishing 8 hours of listening time.

Simple to Use

The MagnaBoom Bluetooth speaker is the most user-friendly Bluetooth speaker available. MagnaBoom may paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device in seconds. Simply search for new Bluetooth devices in your Bluetooth-enabled device, and then connect and pair MagnaBoom to enjoy more immersive music and video listening experiences.

Why Should You Use MagnaBoom?

It is reasonable to compare this product to all others on the market. These speakers, on the other hand, enable you to:

  • Listen to call or music anywhere:- Listen to music or talk on the phone while travelling, working out, or simply showering: You can listen to music or talk on the phone while travelling, working out, or simply showering.
  • There is no installation procedure:- There is no need to download any software to make your phone compatible with these speakers. They may easily be connected to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Lighten up your area:- Depending on your needs, the sound of your favourite podcast, light music, or any loud tone can provide life to your place.
  • Lightweight:- Unlike many other speakers, this one is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Attractive Design:- This device has dubbed a “engineering marvel” due to its tiny and light package.
  • Attaches to any surface:- These speakers may affixed to any surface using the two metal rings that come with them.

Reasonable Price

Mega Magnaboom has a number of advanced features. As a result, most of its users are astounded that such an excellent speaker is still affordable. Mega Magnaboom is inexpensive and will save you a lot of money.

Final Verdict MagnaBoom Speaker

To summarise, MagnaBoom is a handy product because it functions as a portable speaker that can connect to many devices via Bluetooth. It boasts an appealing design, a rechargeable battery that charges completely in 1.5 hours and lasts at least 8 hours, and a body that can mounted to any surface.

It is an excellent item for your workouts, trips, and picnics, and the price is very reasonable, especially considering the savings offered on the purchase of numerous speakers. Visit the official MagnaBoom website by clicking here.

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